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Extract data from Documents

Excelifier is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for converting PDF documents such as invoices into JSON or XLSX. You can start using the system immediately without predefining document types or undergo laborious setup processes.

Users First

We built Excelifier initially for ourselves as we struggled with manual data entry. Excelifier is designed for real users.

Flexible Integration

Choose from API, web interface, or email integration. Whether you're a developer needing customization or a business user seeking ease of use, we have the solution for you.

State Of The Art -Technology

Using latest technology innovations in OCR and LLMs ensures high accuracy and speed while keeping costs down.

Plans & Pricing

We provide transparent, pay-as-you-use pricing without hidden costs. Excelifier efficiently converts documents into JSON or XLSX, leveraging the latest in OCR and LLM technology to ensure quality. Sign up today to start saving time and enhancing your document management process.


  • Start Free Trial with 5 € of Free Credits!
  • 0.75€/per task + 0.25€/page
  • Unlimited Receiving Inboxes
  • API access is always included
  • Payments in advance
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  • Ideal for high-volume document processing
  • Dedicated support tailored to your needs
  • Tailored discounts for bulk volumes
  • Flexible monthly billing
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Why Use Excelifier?

Most existing solutions are either ad-driven and unreliable, or excessively complex for everyday needs. Excelifier provides a secure and user-friendly solution right out of the box, designed to scale with your growing demands.

Rapid setup with minimal effort. You can start converting documents via the application, API, or email immediately after registering. Registering requires a valid email address.

Transparent pricing for conversions you need. Our pricing is straightforward, ensuring you only pay for the conversions that are necessary for your requirements.

Developer-friendly API for easy customization. Our API is available for any registered users and allows you to effortlessly customize and adapt it to suit your specific integration needs.

Simple email interface makes it easy to start conversion jobs. Users have the ability to set up designated inbound addresses that will automatically handle the conversion tasks.

Privacy is our top priority. Your documents and data are treated with the utmost respect, ensuring privacy and integrity. You can specify that your documents are never processed outside EU, and you can automatically delete any processed files from the system.

Enhanced capabilities through open-source tools. While the product itself doesn't address functions like data aggregation, or exporting to bookkeeping systems, we are building the necessary tooling to accomplish that.

Automatic Document Type Recognition. Excelifier can identify the type of document being processed without prior setup.

Our Pre-Defined Schemas are publicly available. The system extracts data according to a pre-defined schema. You can preview the current schema versions at our documentation.

Ready to get started?

  • 1Register and login to dashboard
  • 2Create an organziation
  • 3Drag and Drop a PDF file to jobs page
  • 4Download results once conversion is done